Monday, January 04, 2010

Visits 2009

I had 76'000 visitors this year compared to 54'000 visitors last year. I do not expect any major increases (without putting much more effort into the blog), especially because my blog does not deal with more main stream issues like StutterTalk does. The readership is getting settled more or less. However, I expect a jump in 2010, because the Pagoclone Phase IIb results are coming out and my site will have more traffic. You can see this from the top posts last year. Pagoclone is very much the top interest of readers: the hope for more fluency without more work or self-reflection! Also, if you google Pagoclone, TheStutteringBrain is close to the top. So the day the news will break, many people will click on my blog.

/2009/01/pagoclone-trial-start-in-march.html 498
/2009/05/your-question-pagoclone.html 339
/2009/01/why-sudden-onset.html 134
/2009/02/interview-with-jerry-maguire-on.html 88
/2009/03/stuttering-brain-disorder.html 86
/2009_11_01_archive.html 83
/search/label/Crackpots and Fallacies 72
/2009/01/how-janus-of-speecheasy-is-misleading.html 71
/search/label/Medication 70
/2009/10/pagoclone-trial-finished.html 67
/2009/04/oprah-winfrey-should-be-ashamed.html 61
/2009/11/fluke-or-side-effect.html 60


Norbert @ BSA said...

Out of interest, what's the difference between 'visits' and 'hits'?

Tom Weidig said...

A hit is when a browser has requested a specific html address.

A visitor is the number of browsers with different IP addresses that have requested html addresses from the website.

So if you visit my blog and click on 3 links to older posts, I have one visitor and 4 hits (1 hit when you requested the main page and 3 hits when you requested the pages from three older posts).

That's how I understood it.

How many does the BSA have per year? I would guess several 100'000s?