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TheStutteringBrain is the leading blog on stuttering with 100'000 visits a year, 1000 published posts and 5000 comments!

I provide people who stutter, friends and family, clinicians and academics with a unique and honest insight into the science, the treatments, and the controversies surrounding stuttering.

We need an independent voice in the stuttering community: Someone who dares to speak out loudly and clearly. Someone who can say what others cannot due to political considerations. Someone who both understands people who stutter and the difficult issues on science and treatment.

I have stuttered since the age of 3, had my fair share of struggling with the handicap, therapy, and relapse, and I have been involved in self-help groups and the British Stammering Association (as a trustee and chair of its research committee). I also have a solid scientific background in theoretical physics at top universities like the University of Cambridge (visiting scholar at Trinity College), and Imperial College London. Finally, I have studied neurobiology at the Open University, collaborated with psychologists from the University of Luxembourg (book on biopsychosocial model and psychotherapies) and Kassel (outcome study), and are in constant debates with academics worldwide.

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As of March 2017, I am chair of the research and publication committee of the International Fluency Association and the board required us to state that "Opinions expressed on this blog reflect the author's own and do not reflect the view of the IFA, for which the author serves as an officer."

A selection of the many positive feedback:

Again thank you for your help i really appreciate your help and thank you again for your great blog. (Majid)

It is good to know there are people like you with ideas that can make a difference to many who stammer. (Graham)

You are an inspiration and a hero to the stuttering community, and a role model for children who stutter. PWS trust you to be independent, fair, and not influenced by anyone. You showed that PWS are not hopeless victims, but smart and driven. You have hundreds if not thousands of loyal readers who support you and thank you. But you also have a few enemies. (Rick)

Thanks for your great work for stuttering community. Really your blog is a great resource about stuttering, you are the real voice of stutterers. You don’t need any award you are in our heart this is a biggest award that only you have other don’t. (Tarique)

I was pleasantly surprised to run across your blog! What you are doing is huge!! (amercier)

Thank you for the time and effort you put into your message. I have just begun a blog meant to introduce myself and my opinions. I am very concerned with the research (or lack thereof) behind what is touted as "best practice," especially when it comes to children and it looks like you share the same concern. (Doreen)

glad to make your acquaintance...i came across ur blog n found that it was very informative.. (Cedric)

Just to wish you season's best greetings and a very happy new year.. May you, friends and family, all have a happy time, full of contentment and creativity, in everything you do.. I have immensely enjoyed your blog! You are doing a good service.. Take care (esp. after wwwikileaks!) and have lot of fun..
(sachin & marian)

I hope all is well. I am writing to you because I found your blog
very informative and thought you might provide me some guidance on a
question regarding stuttering. (Adam)

Congratulations for your great blog, even i don't agree with all your believes an thoughts, i think your blog it's great to make us to reflect in the different treatments, approaches and research about stuttering. Keep keep doing the great job! (Gonçalo)

Thanks! I'm a great fan of your blog. (Nathan) 

Thank you for posting our call for research subjects on your blog. As a result of your post at least 3 different people who stutter contacted to participate. (Deryk)

let me start by saying how much I enjoy your blog. It may sound awkward but I find some comfort in knowing there are brilliant people out there who may stutter. (James)