Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Nan's excellent article on What Is Stuttering

Check out Nan's excellent article on What Is Stuttering.

I agree with everything she says on the science side. I mostly agree with what she says about treatment. Except, I would also have mentioned self-help groups and  the importance of effectively dealing with having a handicap, which does not need to involve searching for fluency. She does mention Lidcombe, but only for its ability to move kids who stutter earlier into recovery. That is probably true, but I still do not rule adaptation or measurement effects completely out. And she could have mentioned that other alternatives are no worse.

All-in-all, it shows that she is a regular reader of TheStuteringBrain for many years! ;-)

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

May Conference at Hotel Croatia

Check out the website of the upcoming May conference in Cavtat at Hotel Croatia: see here.

All the speakers are relatively well-known and some of the most dynamic researchers in the field. I just find it a bit strange that Katrin Neumann talks about the state of genetics, and not about brain imaging, because she is not a geneticist or worked in the area. And as always I am concerned when experienced therapists think they can do proper outcome research. Please share your experience with us not your faulty scientific expertise.