Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today is decision time on Pagoclone?

We already know that the Pagoclone trial have been stopped, but not apparently not completely. According to a reader, today is decision time. A reader writes
...I participated in the current Pagaclone study.  I've picked up from sources in the study that Endo Pharmaceutical is having a summit next Tuesday at their headquarters to decide to kill the Pagaclone study or (1) continue the existing study allowing monitoring document to increase the dose in patients they believe would benefit; or (2) extend the study using higher dosages to see if that improves fluency (this additional phase of the test would only take 8 weeks and would potentially save the more than five years devoted to testing this drug); or (3) allow current users that feel they benefit significantly from the drug to continue under a "compassionate use" program; or (4) close the program and give up on the only drug that has helped a substantial number of stutters (like me)...
I am wondering who is attending the summit. How much do these people know about stuttering? And how much do the experts on stuttering know about statistics and random control trials? I would love to be there, and see how good the debate is. But I can already guess the absurdity of the situation: it's about millions of dollars and people from different backgrounds being parachuted into this summit with very different agendas and very few lucid science brains.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

TheStutteringBrain is on holiday.

Name and shame marketers for KillYourStutter.com scam

Here are the people who are getting paid to channel traffic to the KillYourStutter.com scam site. They are also to be blamed for the deluge of misinformation about stuttering all over the web.

Roger van Klaveren
corisbergweg 98
Heerlen, NA 6418 CX

Registrar: FastDomain Inc.
Registrant Info: (FAST-13883804)
1620 SE 39TH AVE
PORTLAND, Oregon 97214
United States

Sunday, August 01, 2010

An open letter to the Canadian stuttering association

Dear Lisa from CSA,

Thank you for your email and support.

I have cc:ed all the contacts I have found from Canada to make this a very public issue.

The attached pdf summarizes all the information collected so far. This guy is amazing and has websites on kill your stutter, kill your lisp, grow your penis, cleanse your colon, and brew your own beer! And there is an injunction against him in the UK and a lawsuit.

This guy, Arjun Lal, does his scams from Canada. So he is one of yours!!! ;-) Only you can close him down.

Even if CSA are volunteers, I am sure you will find a lawyer, university professor, or other movers  in your membership that could coordinate efforts to shut his website(s) down.