Sunday, August 01, 2010

An open letter to the Canadian stuttering association

Dear Lisa from CSA,

Thank you for your email and support.

I have cc:ed all the contacts I have found from Canada to make this a very public issue.

The attached pdf summarizes all the information collected so far. This guy is amazing and has websites on kill your stutter, kill your lisp, grow your penis, cleanse your colon, and brew your own beer! And there is an injunction against him in the UK and a lawsuit.

This guy, Arjun Lal, does his scams from Canada. So he is one of yours!!! ;-) Only you can close him down.

Even if CSA are volunteers, I am sure you will find a lawyer, university professor, or other movers  in your membership that could coordinate efforts to shut his website(s) down.

All of the following steps will increase the pressure and incentives on him and often things happen in unpredictable ways.


Can you please forward my email to all the board members of CSA?

See it as a great opportunity to get attention in Canada for the needs of people who stutter, and to make sure that no-one from Canadian land scams people who stutter world-wide.

Only you Canadians can do this!

Good Luck,


Lisa W said...

Hi Tom!
I have forwarded your email to CSA Board members. In my spare time on a volunteer basis, around work and family, I am maintaining a website for PWS in Canada, producing a quarterly newsletter, planning a PWS conference for 2011, and keeping a bi-weekly PWS Toastmasters group going. I will be trying to rally board members and other Canadian PWS to do what we can to shut down this guy, but it will depend on how much help I get from the general Canadian PWS and SLP community!

LisaW said...

Advertising Standards Canada

They have an online complaint form to report faulty advertising. I will put a link to this form from the CSA site


LisaW said...

Hi Tom
I put a warning up on the site and an appeal to people to report the site to Advertising Standards Canada. I was warned that legally to publish his name and contact information on our site could open us up to legal action (libel). I will proceed further when I get more information about libel laws in Ontario.

Daniele Rossi said...

Why the linux penguin? ;)

Tom Weidig said...

He just looked cute! ;-)

LisaW said...

You know there are no penguins in the Canadian arctic, right?

Zack said...

Was suprised to read this. Didn't think there was any more stuttering in Canada. ISTAR Program works if you just practice the techniques enough.

LisaW said...

Well, unfortunately everything and everybody in Canada has been perfected except us stutterers :(

Daniele said...

Have you seen our politicians? FAR from perfect.

Anonymous said...

ISTAR - in Canada - Like Hollins and AIS in the USA - offers the cure for stuttering if the PWS will only continuously and forever persistently, practice the technique targets.
Practice makes perfect!

Anonymous said...

it doesn't work for everybody

Anonymous said...

Many here in the States are anxiously anticipating the true cure for stuttering - hopefully soon - to be offered & implemented by the SFA and its Gene Replacement Therapy Program.

LisaW said...

"hopefully soon"? you're nuts! If you are referring to the Pakistani family study, the research concluded that "new avenues of treatment" are possible, but nothings been done yet. Also, only 9 percent of PWS have the gene mutation they discovered. Any treatment along these lines is decades away. Don't kid yourselves!