Saturday, July 31, 2010

That's how you scam people.

I have formed a group of people who are willing to get more information about the scam. Please email me if you want to contribute time and expertise. I am looking for web expert, and ruthless lawyers. ;-)

Also, can someone find out which other website Arjun Lal runs? I found already several with the same design and pattern of fraudulent claims. I need to do a reverse whois, but there is not free option right now. I only know that he has 26 websites on, I think.


Dave Rowley said...

Take a look at this:

Dave Rowley said...

You probably have already found this out, but postings related to this product and other similar ones 'devised' by the same person can be found on various marketing forums if you search for "pjmc84".

Tom Weidig said...

I know it's in my secret files that I just sent you! :-)

CG said...

I find the website pretty hilarious, I have a stutter.

The website obviously looks like a scam