Thursday, July 08, 2010

Be my journalist!

Are you attending the NSA research symposium, please send me your reports live. (Either to my email tom dot weidig at gmail dot com or leave comments.) So everyone of us can benefit from your news, and you become famous. ;-)

For the brave, here are questions that you could ask Jerry Maguire to get a good debate going!

1) How did the placebo group do over the nine months?

If the effect is not negligible, why? Does this not invalidate all outcome studies in that any intervention improves the condition?

2) How much money has so far been spent on the Pagoclone trials? If the outcome is negative as I suspect, could you consider any other company taking the risks of loosing millions of dollars?

3) What's next on the pharmaceutical battle field?

4) You are prescribing medication to people who stutter at your clinic. How can you reconcile your medical practice with the fact that no medication has ever proven to be effective in solid clinical trials?

Oh and I found that Indevus' website is down. But google has this snipplet: "Indevus Pharmaceuticals Inc. - Pagoclone Pagoclone is a novel member of the cyclopyrrolone class of compounds and ... The Phase IIb study will involve approximately 300 patients in the U.S. The ..."


In the city LeBron is Leaving... said...

The Keynote Speaker for the NSA Convention basically said that every person who stutters can become completely ---100%--- fluent if they will commit to all the practice that is required. It is the fault of the PWS that they "FAIL" in therapy. Fluency Training is the CURE...JUST PRACTICE. EVERYONE WHO STUTTERS CAN BE FLUENT; YOU MUST PRACTICE THE TECHNIQUES.

FANTASTIC message for all the speech pathologists out there and the parents of CWS demanding that their CWS practice more in order to stop stuttering!!!

CRUSHING message for all of us who stutter who know that this is not true...

ABSOLTELY EVIL message for 1st time parents to hear...For kids who stutter to hear. Totally F***** UP!

What is the NSA Organization thinking as they choose Keynote Speakers???

I feel like making like Lebron and leaving this thing...

Anonymous said...

What are the pagoclone results?

Anonymous said...

...and the pagoclone results?

Tom Weidig said...

I have not received any news so far.