Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pagoclone study closed?

I am getting more and more signals of a negative outcome study. Can anyone confirm this comment left by a reader? And can the reader send me an email to confirm his name? Sounds like a reliable and sensible comment... Such calls must have been made or are being made if the study turned out not to be successful. They need to inform those on the open label phase that they will not receive any more Pagoclone. So did anyone of you get a similar call?
Been on the study for 4 years...first 2 years it was a miracle drug...stuttering disappeared. Then it came back and I became immune to my dosage and they wouldn't increase my dosage. Got a call yesterday that said that the company running the study Indevus has been bought out and the new company is closing the study.

From my understanding...they weren't have great success with the drug.


Justin said...

This comment was made during the question/answer session at the NSA conference during the "Research Symposium".

Dr. Gerald Maguire had just given a talk about his great work with Pagoclone, and other drugs.

After he spoke, he opened it up for questions, and a guy from the back of the room had asked him if he knew that the 4 year study had come to an end.

Dr. Maguire said that he did hear that they were ending the study "heartlessly".

The guy making the comment said that the drug has been absolutely life-changing for him, and that he received a letter and a telephone call to fedex all remaining drugs back to the manufacturer, and that the study was ending.

Dr. Maguire said that the 4 year study was ending abruptly, but another one was ongoing.

He also told the commenter to talk to him after the presentation in private.

Dr. Maguire gave a presentation the next day where he talked for about 90 minutes on his experiences with a handful of different drugs, and he even told us that he currently was taking one of them.

I didn't write the drug names down, but he gave a fantastic presentation, and gave me tons of hope for the future.

Most of the drugs he was taking are FDA approved already (for other conditions besides stuttering of course), and the patent is almost over on some of them, and some can be had for $4 per month.

Anonymous said...

I'm involved in open label and have not heard that the study was closed. It would be very bad news. Pagoclone takes the hard edge off my stuttering and helps me perform my job better. It has no side effects like some of the other drugs that are out there.