Monday, July 12, 2010

What did Maguire say in his NSA speech?

Check out StutterTalk's interview with Jerry Maguire: here. Peter and Eric manage to go through half an hour without asking the question everyone wants them to ask. So go to 30:00 to spare yourself the non-essentials which on any other day would have been interesting to listen to! Like Jerry's new book: here. And Peter and Eric interviewing the author without having read the book!

Jerry said that the trial are finished. He is bound to confidentiality agreements, and is not allowed to publicly discuss the results. However, he expects the company to release a written press release or to answer individual questions at some point. Interestingly, as he announced, he did reveal the summary results at his NSA speech, but cannot publicly repeat it. So what did he say? They must be someone of you who attended. But to be honest, I sometimes have the impression that the majority just get lost with all those numbers...

In any case, the case for a negative/null outcome of Pagoclone study is becoming stronger. Had Pagoclone been a success, Indevus/Teva would have gone big on a press release. And if it was a success, they would need to fire their public relationship manager for not having a big press release!

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Pam said...

I was at the NSA conference but missed Maguire's speech. I was doing some important stuff with teens who stutter who wanted to record brief messages for other teens. So we did videos that will be posted on YouTube and the NSA site.
I will be at Friends next week in Chicago. Maguire will be there too. I will be sure to listen to what he shares with mostly a parent audience there.