Sunday, February 12, 2023

On live TV in a challenging debate

Maybe this picture is inspirational for some of you who also stutter. I was on live TV in a challenging talk show scenario where everyone was "against me". Just goes to prove that we can speak our mind even when showing visible stuttering.

If you wonder what the show was about, it was about the Luxembourgish language, called Lëtzbuergesch, and I was on the show as the co-author of a book on the decline of the Luxembourgish language.

I did stutter and have blocks, but I survived and I have to say that ALL comments I got on social media were positive. The majority congratulated me for defending our language. Many admired my courage to speak out on a sensitive issue, despite my stuttering. And even for those you tried to denigrate my efforts by writing stuff like "You were just stumbling along cluelessly", I created a positive twist and made it a teachable moment by explaining to them that I am a person with a speech handicap and I challenged them (or shut them up, if you want the politically incorrect) with the question "Should I as a person who stutter not have the same rights to speak out?"