Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ousmane's theory on stuttering

Ousmane sent me his theory of stuttering. So I give him here the opportunity for others to get to know his theory. I am sure he would happy if you comment on it.

I did:
"I disagree with your theory. 1) you can still have neurological issues even when speaking fluent when alone. it could be that your system is too sensitive to stress and other demands because it is not optimally developed. 2) some people sometimes stutter when alone and sometimes not. 3) i believe there is a continuum in neurological issue: from severe to mild. 4) speaking on your own is NOT the same as speaking to others, which demands much more resources even if you have no stress."

Here is Ousmane's theory:

  -It’s not the situation itself that generates stress but the perception we have of it. Also, before a stressful situation, there is an automatic interior answer that is not managed by our will. For fluent people, the answer is proportional to the level of stress. If the stress lasts for a certain period of time, that answer will be recorded and served by the

Reddit talks about stuttering

Joe sent me an email: "I'm a moderator at r/stutter on reddit. We're trying to expand our subreddit and turn it into one the go-to places for people to discuss stuttering. We have 218 members right now, but we know there are more out there. We are big fans of your blog and have you linked to our reddit page. If you could help us out we would greatly appreciate it."

Of course, I will do so, even though I kind of support that further traffic on commenting about stuttering goes from my blog to social media sites!

Here is the link:

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Predictions for 2013

StutterTalk has published a discussion between Peter Reitzes and myself. Lots of interesting stuff. One of the interesting things is that, yet again, I say that I set myself the goals to speak slower with pauses, and yet again after a few sentences I speak too fast...

We talked about my predictions for 2012, and what materialized and what didn't. I also made a prediction for 2013, talked about my upcoming book, and more more.