Monday, March 25, 2013

5 minutes on stuttering: Cultural Differences or not?

I am still not happy with the final product. It is much more difficult to speak unprepared without being able to go back and correct your English or fine-tune your message. I am also wondering if the 5 minutes should really be about how to deal with stuttering, and the more science part should be left to the written word.

And apologies to Einar again for mispronouncing his name... I am as bad as Peter Reitzes pronouncing mine! ;-)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

5 minutes on Stuttering: Toastmasters

The video cuts out at the end, because the connection was lost. I wanted to say that getting on stage is always a gamble: if I am fluent, it is a great performance. if I am not, I struggle through the words. Typically, the more I practised the better. One of my next video posts will be about tips for public speaking.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

5 minutes on Stuttering: Is coastal breathing effective?

Patience. I am still not very good at speaking unprepared: I mess up my English at times, and swallow words. It's probably because I spend a lot of resources to come up with a message...

Saturday, March 16, 2013

5 minutes each day on stuttering

Irresponsible marketing by Tony Robbins?

Check out this video (at 4:15), where Tony Robbins claims that he makes someone who stutters fluent after 20 years of stuttering! We have all experienced spontaneous fluency, that goes away very quickly. In my opinion, Tony engages in irresponsible marketing.

Tony is inspirational, in general, but he should stick to change the possible and not the impossible. Tony's mission is to change other people's lives, maybe we as a community should change Tony's life and increase his understanding of stuttering. Stuttering is not a learned behaviour; it is an adaptation of a brain that is prone to jamming due to neurobiological issues.

As he is coming to England with this video in 2013, the BSA might be able to report him to the I-cant-remember-the-name agency for irresponsible marketing. NOTE: Maybe we can find this guy called Waschad (spelling?) and get him to "say" a few words. I doubt he is still fluent.