Saturday, March 16, 2013

5 minutes each day on stuttering


Anonymous said...

what treatment approach is best?

Clive Bixby said...

I'd be interested to hear about the efficacy of (or lack of?) intercostal breathing for stuttering (as taught in McGuire Programme etc).

Hugh said...


Talk about the huge succession of cases of clozapine-induced stuttering documented in scientific literature:

It is a very strong evidence that some subtypes of stuttering may be associated with some kind of non-convulsive seizure activity in deep regions of the brain.

At the same time, it's unbelievable that almost nobody in stuttering community talk about it.


Unknown said...

Hello Tom,
I would love to get your thoughts on the therapeutic potential of Neurofeedback and stuttering. Here is an interesting article:

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Thank you for this site!

Einar said...


Would be great if you tell us about the differeinces in regards to stuttering in different countries. For instance is it less acceptable to stutter in certain cultures then others? How do certain things differ, eg taboos, public opinion, stereotypes, historical figures, therapies...

Anonymous said...

Love the videos!

Anonymous said...


I would like you to stutter more and talk how you would talk normally.

I see you are trying your best not to stutter and i feel that is not your original accent.

Even if you stutter badly oh-so-badly its cool. We have been there done that :) No worries.

You have all our support. With us around you can be yourself :) All the best.