Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Interesting Comments by Prof Ingham

Prof Ingham (UC at Santa Barbara) has posted a note of support and interesting comments on some of my statements from the blog. Thanks! Here are two of them:

"You suggested that perhaps “one way of dealing with effect/cause is to knock out a region with TMS. But I am not sure whether this can be done precisely enough.” In reply I pointed out that is the main focus of our work in San Antonio at the moment. We have invested a huge amount of time and money into refining the TMS aiming system. And by the end of the summer I think we'll be in good shape to start exploring some of the options. We are currently running some preliminary experiments on ourselves. So far, so good."

This is indeed an interesting development. Let's wait and see. But the breaking news is going to be "on this channel"! :-)

"You indicated that "there has been no constructive approach to developing better therapies." I would have to disagree. There has been a very constructive approach adopted by some of us in this domain. The work behind the development of therapy for children and our own work on refining the parameters of prolonged speech and then converting them to therapy has certainly not been a hit and miss affair."

Good. I was not aware of such approaches. My intention was to point out that improvement of therapies are mostly due to analysing old therapies rather than built on the understanding of the disorder. Roger has sent me an article on this topic. I will discuss it on this blog after I finished my article for ODC.


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