Friday, January 08, 2010

Anecdotes on Pagoclone.

Yet another unscientific anecdote on a Pagoclone trial participant:

Hi Folks,

I completed my full year of double blind study 4 days ago. I'm 80% sure that I was on placebo the entire full year.

3 days ago I started open label, I noticed a great amount of improvement of flow in day 2. Today I can feel it even more. Even though my 1st bottle is a pretty low dose, I'm waiting for week 2 so that I can go on to a high dose - it seems to be working.

That free flow of thought is weird, for those that have seen the youtube video of the guy explaining how it works - yes it actually does feel weird.

Also anxiety has lowered for me. I've always had a anxiety problem.

I'll continue on as I go along more.

Placebo? Or Pagoclone-induced effect? Effect because the brain system gets off balance, feels differently, strong placebo kicks in because people assume the substance is working and more fluency follows, but this will go away after the brain re-adjusts? Effect due to reduction of anxiety that increases the trigger frequency of stuttering events? Effect because it helps the speech systems themselves?

Different answers for different people? How can find out? Will the measurement problems affect the results? How about long-term fluency? Does Pagoclone help to stabilise patient so they can do behavioural treatment?

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