Friday, January 22, 2010

My 2010 outlook on StutterTalk

I have been chatting to Peter and Eric on StutterTalk about my predictions for 2010 and more.

My predictions are:
1. Pagoclone Phase IIb results will come out: moderate or no effect for some, and none for many.
2. The baseline of the control group will give us a unique view to the size of the measurement bias.
3. Hopefully finally some news from Drayna's genetics group on a specific gene causing stuttering in some families. (He hasn't published an article on stuttering since 2005! See PubMed.)
4. First results from Franken's early childhood intervention trial: Lidcombe vs Demands & Capacities.
5. Skeptical on the brain imaging front. The easy stuff has been done and has hit the complexity wall.

And again, I am not happy by the way I spoke. It's the third time on StutterTalk, and I told myself to speak slower and make more pauses. And I failed again. There is not reason for me to speak like this. It is also amazing that I shift from very fluent phases to very dysfluent phases.

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