Monday, January 11, 2010

LiguiSystems guarantees the unguaranteeable!

Listen to Peter on StutterTalk and his concerns about LiguiSystems' guaranteed outcome from fluency aids. He wonders what should be done to express his concerns. And he wants to write to them and ask them to come on the show.

Here is what needs to be done! ;-) They write:
Guaranteed Outcomes
- Develop confidence and competence in your treatment of fluency disorders
- Improve clients' fluency as they evaluate and change their attitudes and beliefs and learn to use fluency enhancing strategies, self-monitoring techniques, and cognitive/self-instructional strategies
Guaranteed Outcomes
- Develop coping, cognitive, motor, and social strategies
- Speak confidently
- Deal with reactions to stuttering and reduce physical manifestations
I write:

Yet again, like with Speech Easy, we have some money-greedy business people covering themselves in sheep clothes using elaborate sales and marketing techniques misleading in my opinion people who stutter and therapists (or being guilty of ignorance on stuttering, you choose). I am sure those who are responsible for sales and marketing will read these lines. Here is my message to you:

You should be ashamed of yourself for using those sales tools to hook people on your products. You are giving them false promises and hopes. I know. I know. You are telling me that your text is not actually doing that. What a lame excuse! Yes you are completely right. But one needs to have a f***ing PhD, a lawyer eduction, and one hour of concentrated thinking to realize this. You know exactly that the average mind just registers "Guaranteed", "evidence", "supported by". You know that. Again, you should be ashamed of yourself for making money that way. Do you really have to use these kind of tricks? Do you really need to do this kind of work? Can you not do something else and just buy 2 shoes per year instead of 3?

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Satyendra said...

I frequently meet PWS (many young), who share such stories of wasted money, wasted time - story of wonderful claims.. Hope is a strange thing. People keep on spending money and trying this or that.. A business which feeds on hopes of desperate young people, without telling them the truth is a shame.. Many more people need to come out and talk about the inequity of this situation..