Tuesday, October 27, 2009

IT skills of some SLTs and in self-help

Over the last hours, I am witnessing the extraordinary IT skills and understanding of some SLTs and some in self-help. I received an empty email with cc asr-speakeasy@... , and now I have tens of emails of SLTs asking to be removed from a mailing list that does not really exist except as the list of emails of someone.

The address is very likely an open relay, which means that it is a mailing list that is accessible to those who sent an email to the email address of the mailing list and this email is distributed to the members of the mailing list.

So someone by accident sent his or her mailing list as cc and now everyone replies and thereby sending it to everyone else. And everyone else thinking "I am on a mailing list" but they are not really.


I wonder how can they properly digest all the complicated statistics of outcome studies and scientific research if they do not even realize what is going on here?

And to all those who have received the email and did not reply. Congratulations! You have passed the test, and have potential!

[The email address has now been cancelled.]


Norbert @ BSA said...

Nice expressive picture, though you've put on quite a bit of weight since we last spoke?

Tom Weidig said...

It is not me!!!!

As always I stole the picture from the net!


MattS80 said...

At least you didn't steal the picture of Colonel Sanders.