Monday, October 26, 2009

More gossip on Pagoclone trial

Here is more gossip on the Pagoclone trials: (Thanks to Holger.)
"I`m going in the open label phase in december, I also will keep you updated, but just to let you know, there are people that have gotten great results from what I was told. I have noticed zero for speech enhancement and side effects, there is a big chance I am on the placebo, I will know in december when they give me the real meds." 21.10.2009

"Hi everybody, I have been involved in the clinical trail on Pacoclone for more that 6 months. Right now, I am on the last batch of the double-blinded phase. The first three batches of the pills which I took, had little or no effect on my speech. However, this last batch really have a positive effect on my speech. It seems like a miracle." 21.10.2009

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MattS80 said...

Sounds promising. My fingers are crossed. I'm going to hopefully have a teleinterview/conference with Dr. Maguire and he's going to suggest some possible other medications for me at the moment that they found helpful to reduce/greatly decrease my stuttering anxiety/blocking.