Saturday, October 03, 2009

Support a French IFA 2012 bid

I have learned here that France might be putting forward a bid to hold the next IFA congress (possibly in Paris) in 2012. I think such a bid would be an excellent idea, and therefore I am strongly supporting such a bid, and I hope you will do the same. There is no doubt in my mind that the French stuttering community have isolated themselves for too long. One reason is surely the language barrier and the English-speaking domination, but other countries like Germany and Latin America have been much more open. Another obstacle has been that France is still in the firm hand of psychological and psychoanalytic approaches toward stuttering. Not to speak of there being more than one association, as far as I am aware of. A French bid would be an excellent opportunity for the French stuttering community to open up to the world, and become more actively involved!!

Alexandre from the Parole Begue blog writes: (rough translation of French text)
IFA president Willie Botterill has approached the two French participants in Rio, Olivier Humez et Véronique Aumont-Boucand, both APB members, to consider a French bid for the IFA congress in 2012 in Paris.

IFA wants the next congress to be in Europe, and attract a larger group of participants by choosing a city with good transport links. Our two French participants have accepted Willie Botterill's proposition to put in a bid, which makes us a front runner to organise the next congress.

I can picture myself hearing from the world experts directly and not just via Olivier's translation on his blog. It is a unique opportunity for France and French stutterers to hear different bells ring. The psychological focus on stuttering will give in to neurological studies and scientific research on stuttering conducted in the Anglo-Saxon countries. I can see Maguire presenting his Pagoclone at the point of going commercial. I can see France being at the centre of the world stuttering community. The congress could blow new wind into the treatment approaches currently on offer in France...

The congress offers a considerable opportunity to open ourselves up, an opportunity we cannot refuse. I wholeheartedly support such a project, and we should consider setting up a support committee for the bid.
Alors, bon courage et bon travail!


Dave Rowley said...

I'd support this - love the logo too! But isn't the Eiffel Tower copyrighted, or something?

Norbert @ BSA said...


It would be great; and I could go as a day visitor! :-)