Thursday, October 01, 2009

European Symposium Fluency Disorders 2010

The call for papers for the second European Symposium Fluency Disorders in Antwerp is out. The first conference was well organized in a nice city, and better and more focussed than some other stuttering conferences. Looking at the agenda of the 2010 conference, there are two very interesting key speakers, Dennis Drayna and Henny Bijleveld, one speaker could be interesting but I have never heard her speak, of the others I am not so much a fan of their work but will hear them anyway, and one is a rather boring presenter, and disliked for good reasons by many but that's life. I will probably attend the conference, and enter a paper and apply for a workshop based on the presentation I gave in London and Zagreb. So I hope to see you there on April 23th and 24th 2010!

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Dave Rowley said...

You should give a prize for readers who correctly identify the other keynote speakers based on what you've said about them!

Anonymous said...

pistol pete?