Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why support me?

It is important for us who stutter to have an independent voice in the debate on stuttering research, treatment, and politics. Someone who dares to speak out. And someone who knows what he talks about.

Here is what I do for us
  • I am speaking out my mind or that of stutterers, scientists or therapists who do not dare to speak out for various reasons. I am often their voice.
  • I am trying to change the nature of the debate. We need less obsession to a feel-good consensus but more constructive and productive debate to question held beliefs and move forward.
  • I very often get emails from people or parents who stutter. They are asking for help and advice, or just want someone to talk to. I am often the first person they ever dare sharing their experiences. I always reply to them with advice.
  • I am critically reviewing scientific research to a high professional standard. I have a wide range of relevant scientific expertise in areas of statistics, research design, neuroscience, and the ability to quickly get the essentials. I attended world-leading university like Imperial College London or Trinity College, University of Cambridge, and I keep in touch with my old university friends and colleagues. I am also in contact with many university professors in neuroscience.
  • I debate different treatment approaches without having the bias of being the provider of a specific treatment. I am independent and show you the alternatives: the benefits and costs of a treatment.
  • I keep an eye on our organizations that should help us, and highlight issues or weaknesses when important.
  • I have excellent contacts in the stuttering community, and many are supporting my work. Some secretly! ;-) So I know what is going on before others do.
  • I function as an information gateway between many involved parties, because I am independent and not a rival to a researcher or therapist. So they are more likely to share information with me.
Blogging is my hobby, but very time consuming with no expenses covered. I often go to conferences and have to pay for my transport and accommodation.If you like what I do, I would welcome a donation. Money donated to my blog is money donated to improve the life of people who stutter! And it is a recognition for the work that I am doing. T----tthank you! ;-)