Monday, May 03, 2010

ASHA candidate does not care about ethics!

Peter Reitzes rightly asks the candidates for the ASHA board for more enforcement of ethical behaviour of ASHA members but got turned by one of them, Neil Shepard, down. He responds
You wrote, “To actively monitor the language used in advertising services provided by members I do not feel is an appropriate use of the resources at the National Office.” Let’s take a closer look at ASHA’s resources. The 2008 ASHA Audited Financial Statement reported that the Program Expenses for “Ethics” was $347,956. The 2008 ASHA 990 Form reported that ASHA’s Executive Director, Arlene A. Pietranton, made in total compensation more than $450,000. It is striking that a single person’s total compensation at ASHA is about $100,000 greater than the reported Program Expenses for ethics. If one believes that the way an organization spends its money reflects its priorities, one may rightly or wrongly assume that currently, ethical standards are not a high priority for ASHA.

It is amazing to see the extent of ASHA CEO's compensation which pales in comparison to European salaries, and to see that it's higher than the total spending on ethics! And Neil Shepard reveals himself as totally ignorant of ASHA ressource allocations. I wonder whether other candidates to any better?

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Satyendra said...

A sad day for "Health Care" ..
sachin (TISA)