Friday, May 28, 2010

A sane reader

At last a reader who is realistic about what NLP can offer and what stuttering is about:
I've never tried NLP for my stuttering (but would love to find a sensible specialist who has worked with stuttering in my city and give it a try!) but I believe stuttering to be caused by genetic/physiological factors as well as psychological.

I don't think it's completely pointless to approach stuttering through the door of what's considered "the mind" vs. "the body", because in reality there's no such division as individuals. We are Mind & Body beings, intrinsically entwined. Even our smallest thought is backed up by a number of chemical and physiological processes, so why not stuttering? The evidence of an organic reason for stuttering doesn't overrule a psychological component (as the machine to measure "the mind" hasn't been invented yet)

I say give NPL a try, if you find a reliable specialist. even if it doesn't cure you (highly unlikely) but provides some help, perhaps in some situations, it's worth the try. Why? Because up to this point there's not a cure, not even a cohesive explanation of what causes stuttering, so why not be open to whatever options there might be? Even if they work for some people only, you might be among the fortunate ones who experience some improvement in your speech, for whatever reason.
What if NPL doesn't hep you? Well, again, there's no known cure, so it's just reality.


Stuttering Jack said...

I have done two courses with Bobby Bodenhamer and have not really benefitted from doing the "patterns", although I know others who have, but I sure as hell reckon that that book of his is a gem. I still cannot believe that it was written by a person who does not stutter. I read it regularly as it has taught me a lot about how my thoughts are contributing to my anxiety level which directly influences my stuttering severity. One of the biggest things I have learned is how I can influence how I see the world around me and so influence how I experience it and that has reflected in the high level of consistent fluency that I now experience. The judgement of others that I experience when I stutter is just my own judgemental thoughts that I am bouncing off the other persons face, and I can change that and now have.

Adam said...

Have you seen or heard anything about this?