Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Free articles on gene discovery

You can find the original article on the gene discovery here. And an editorial on the discovery by someone called Simon Fisher ending with the following questions:
Are mutations that affect this pathway present in independent cohorts of people who stutter? Why would dysfunction of a basic process found in many cell types selectively affect the neural circuits involved in speech fluency? Do other undiscovered genes associated with stuttering have roles in metabolic pathways? Can these data explain whether early stuttering will persist? Are there new prospects for treatment? As with other neurodevelopmental disorders that affect speech, the task of connecting the dots between genes and stuttering is just beginning.


Konstantin said...

Any rumours about the other "stuttering genes" discovered by the Drayna team? Can we expect something that will better fit the current theories, e.g. genes for producing dopamine, as the Chinese study suggested, or something about auditory processing differences? (I know there are readers of your blog working in genetics, maybe they can share some insider info :-) )

Btw the Wikipedia article about stuttering already distinguishes between metabolic and developmental stuttering subtypes. Isn't it too early for such claims?

Justin said...

Tom, we can't see the links without being a subscriber.

Tom Weidig said...

I can access them! But may be in the US they have blocked.

Subtyping might be justified but we need replication of his study.