Tuesday, May 04, 2010

NSA conference on July 7th-11th

Check out the NSA conference in July 7-11th. I have never been to the US conference. Still waiting for being invited by someone... So I might never ever attend... ;-)

They also have a research symposium again. De Nil, Maguire, Yaruss, and Langevin are attending; my listing being in terms of scientific rigour...


Anonymous said...

why did you rank Langevin (a woman), last???

Justify your rankings!

Tal said...

Tom, I cordially invite you to the 2010 NSA conference.

See you there.


Tom Weidig said...

I talked to the first three and read some of their research. I never heard nor read anything from Langevin.

Anonymous said...

Tom -

Couple days ago (May 2) Jane Fraser of the NSA indicated in a news article in the Bradenton, Florida newspaper that stuttering "has nothing to to with being fearful or nervous." It was characterized as a "myth" about stuttering,

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with Jane Fraser of the SFA?

Anonymous said...

"I never heard nor read anything from Langevin."

Oh, well, if TOM has never heard of her then that of course means her research doesn't exist.

Google scholar is not that hard to use Tom.