Saturday, August 01, 2009

Memes, biopsychosocial model, disorders and psychotherapy

I am so sorry, Stuttering, I am having an affair with another topic. I am currently writing a book with Gilles, an old schoolfriend of mine who also happens to have a PhD in psychology, was president of the Luxembourg Psychology Association and is a lecturer/researcher at the University of Luxembourg. We met by accident a few years ago and met regularly to discuss neuroscience, especially consciousness. We then moved on to look at The Meme Machine by Susan Blackmore. And we have decided to write a book on memes and use the meme concept in creating a concrete biopsychosocial model which we want to apply to psychology, disorders, and especially psychotherapy.

A month ago, we have recruited four undergraduate student assistants who work on the different subtopics: memes, biopsychosocial models, and psychotherapies. We hope to have the book finished by the end of the year. I also believe that the biopsychosocial model we have come up with should be very helpful in understanding the different aspects of stuttering in a more efficient way, too. So, my dear Stuttering, I won't leave you despite everything.

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