Saturday, August 08, 2009

Dave - Reception

Suzana Jelčić Jakšić (keynote speaker here and organiser of the last World Congress for PWS in Croatia), Sarah James and Hilary Liddle, both from Leeds University and speakers at the Congress.

Delegates enjoying the music.

A group of delegates chatting. That looks to me like Pete Howell (UCL, London) with his back to the camera. Pete's giving several papers.

Paul Brocklehurst From the University of Edinburgh

And here's me at the opening reception. It looks like it's already been too much for one delegate!


Anonymous said...

Where is the next IFA conference?

The location? It should be year 2012.

Any possible locations discussed and or mentioned by the big people at the conference?

Who were the big people and what did they say? Anything important for us to know? (for Tom to know)

Dave Rowley said...

Yes, 2012. Turkey has been mentioned as a possible location.