Monday, August 24, 2009

I expect visitor level to level at 100'000

I had a look at the historical hits on my blog. The visits more then doubled each year with 65'000 visits in 2008. The visits in 2009 stand at 43'000 for 7/12 of a year which makes about 75'000 estimated for 2009. I expect that the visitor level will only raise marginally and level out at about 100'000 a year; assuming I keep blogging.

Of course, blogs fall and rise with the content and frequency of content presented. Don't post for 1-2 weeks and the numbers fall dramatically.


Loyal Long time reader said...

You readership will go down if you don't do a good job blogging. (even you said you don't have time....don't love stuttering anymore).

The best blogging years were 2006-2008.....correct?

Enjoyed your blog for a long time....guest blogging is a Good Idea.

Anonymous said...

how many unique readers do you have?

let's be honest here....