Saturday, August 08, 2009

Dave - IFA Reception

The show’s on the road! The opening ceremony was good - brief and to the point. Willie Botterill, IFA president, gave an amusing talk and we were of course introduced to all those who made the conference possible. After that we had drinks in the court yard in the open air and got to see who else is here - no list of delegates, which seems unfortunately to be increasingly the case at conferences. Total number of delegates is about 140. Nothing like as many as Dublin or Montreal, where there were nearly three times as many. Had a chat with several people, including John van Borsel, one of the organisers, who said he’d never heard of this blog! Also saw Margaret Leahy, from Dublin, Hilary Liddle and Sarah James from Leeds, Yvonne van Zaalen from the Netherlands, Ken St. Louis from the US, Pete Howell from London, Suzana Jelčić Jakšić (one of the keynote speakers, always good to know the keynotes are here!) and lots of other people.

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