Friday, July 31, 2009

Dave - Guest Blogger

Tom has asked me to be a guest blogger while I'm attending the 6th World Congress on Fluency Disorders in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. This runs from the 5th to the 8th of August. I'll be giving a paper myself, co-authored with Suzana Jelčić Jakšić and Behlul Brestovci, on the relationship between Social Anxiety and Stuttering Severity. Of course, I want to find out what else is happening and I've already made a note of several presentations I want to attend. But first I have to get there - a flight from Heathrow at 6:20 am on Monday, change in Madrid and then straight to Rio, arriving at 17.35 local time. Glad I have a day to recover! More later! Dave


Henrique said...

The II Brazilian Meeting of People who Stutter will also occur on August 5th, just before the 6th World Congress on Fluency.

Registrations are open for the Second Meeting of People who Stutter, promoted by the Brazilian Association of Stuttering (Abra Gagueira) in partnership with Veiga de Almeida University (UVA). The event will be held on August 5th 2009, from 8 am to 4pm at UVA Tijuca Campus. Registration is free and can be made through the site The meeting is open to families, professionals and students of the field.

For this second edition, the goal is to create a space for discussion about recent studies related to stuttering, and provide greater exchange of experiences among people who deal with the problem. Moreover, international speakers will be present, such as the renowned American psychiatrist, Dr. Gerald Maguire, a researcher for Pagoclone - medicine which is used to treat stuttering - and the President of the International Stuttering Association (ISA), Benny Ravid, from Israel.

Tom Weidig said...

>> Dr. Gerald Maguire, a researcher for Pagoclone - medicine which is used to treat stuttering

No, it is TESTED for treatment but not officially used as such. There is not clear evidence to support its use.

You should write that he is an investigator in the Pagoclone trials and a researcher in pharmaceutical treatments of stuttering.

Anonymous said...

Dave, are you a stutterer?
How long have you been interested in stuttering?

Anonymous said...

What evidence do you need?
Is there evidence that speech therapy is effective for the treatment of stuttering, or does it vary from person to person.

Speech therapy of Pagoclone, or both (to make everyone happy), just want more money from PWS....

Dave Rowley said...

Hi Anonymous. No, I'm not a PWS. I've been interested in stuttering for about 30 years, since you ask! I'll also be at the BSA conference in London this year.

Jo said...

Hi Dave,

this is a very spooky coincidence - I've very recently just finished studying at DMU, Leicester.

Many of my friends were taught by you and I'm more than aware of the great reputation the SALT course has after sitting on the panel for its periodic review in June 08.

It's great to hear how much you're active you are in this community - not something I was aware of whilst studying at the university.

I developed (or should I say "acquired" as my speech therapist insists?!) a neurogenic stammer after a head injury earlier this year and the neurologists/ therapists aren't hopeful my speech will ever rectify itself.

If you are aware of anyone in Leicester with an acquired (rather than developmental) stammer, I'd appreciate it if you might direct them to my blog ( it's been pretty isolating and everyone I come across seems to have had their stammers from childhood, rather than acquiring it as an adult.

Sorry to have approached you via this post Dave(and apologies to other blog readers and Tom for hijacking the comment thread for my my own benefit!)- I hope that the congress goes well for you.