Monday, March 31, 2008

Money, money, money

I am NOT stuttering on the title. It is just a recurring thought! I am spending much time and money on stuttering, but have exactly zero revenue: money-wise that it. I also have hidden costs of loss of opportunity, because I am spending my intellectual energy at age 35 (where you are apparently most productive?) on an area where I do not have a career. I am neither a speech therapist/pathologist nor a scientist working on stuttering. Instead I could be spending my time on more "productive" work and earn more money as a consultant. Of course, I get a lot emotional revenue (also from your posted comments and emails), because I am driven to understand what stuttering is about, and what helps most. And 1000 weekly readers is a great but unhelpful stimulation of my ego... ;-)
My goal is to make my efforts a zero-cost affair, but I am not quite sure how I can extract money from you, my readers, to cover costs. :-) Surely, no-one will pay to read me. My only chance might be to ask the few wealthy or charitable for donations but I am not sure how I should do this. My best bet is probably advertising. But, I have chosen not to advertise on my blog via goggle AdSense because most adverts are really fake promises of cures and I kind of find it difficult to rail against them and at the same time to get revenue from them! I might change my mind, and do it but only for a few selected one. I can certainly make the case that I have over 1000 unique readers per week and I am high on google search. So there is good exposure for the advert. This strategy is already working well for getting free books and reduced conference fees.


Anonymous said...

No matter who chips in, money "talks" so, either small fee for "membership" or contributions from groups you do not need to critique--e.g. Celestial Season's tea :-)


Anonymous said...

Put a "PayPal donate" icon at your blog heading. I wil donate US$50. If I could I'd give more. You earn.

Tom Weidig said...

OK. I'll put a PayPal Donate icon in there! :-)

Thx for the support!