Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Some changes to my blog

I made some changes to the blog layout. I added a Donate button to support my blog work to cover my costs. Of course, please do not feel obliged to contribute! It is just for the wealthy and charitable ones! :-) I also added Sponsored links where I have added conferences that have given me a reduced conference fee in return to linking to their website. I also accept purely commercial links, but I need to decide whether I feel comfortable with their product and the marketing of it. The same is true for books. So if there is anyone who wants to have their book advertised, please let me know. I also changed the order of the archive so that the oldest are first, but what I really want to have is a list of 20 randomly selected posts from the last 3 years. I also changed my name to T--tom. I guess that my outing is. :-) If it gets on my or your nerves, I'll change it back.

I would like your feedback on the changes. Do you think that the changes are appropriate or destroy the integrity sphere of the blog? Or should I make some small changes to the changes? Just let me know.


Anonymous said...

Tom - I think the blog changes are fine. Perfectly reasonable and appropriate.

Anonymous said...

I like the blog changes but am not sure about T--tom. I don't think your name should be modified by your stutter. I don't like it.

Tom Weidig said...

Nor do I! :-) I changed it back to normal!

Anonymous said...

The donate idea sounds like a scam for you to make money.

Ever considered giving yourself the "Crackpot" award?

Tom Weidig said...

No, because I discuss scientific research, never claim that my theories on stuttering are facts, and I am not promising a cure for stuttering. So unfortunately, I do not qualify for the crackpot award.

Regarding setting-up a scam, there are much better ways to make money. I could for example take on more consultancy work instead of writing my blog, given my high day rate.

Finally, I do not think that you would qualify for a crackpot award either, because a person can only get the award once, and there is a high chance that you are one of them and just couldn't defend yourself with arguments so you prefer to leave not-very-well argued comments.

Anonymous said...

Tom -
Never have I won such an award from you.

Please continue to do your vital research for all of us who ssssstutttter.

I just believe you are full of yourself.

i.e. Full of *#%* !

BTW How's your stuttering going?