Thursday, March 06, 2008

Stuttering starts 13.7 billion years ago

I have to share with you this beautiful picture of the temperature distribution of the universe called micro-wave background radiation: see here. It is a snapshot of the start of the visible universe when the universe cooled down sufficiently from the big bang to allow light to travel over long distances rather than being re-absorbed by the hot plasma. This event happened 300'000 years after the big bang which happened 13.7 billions years ago.You can see that the temperature (which is -270 degrees Celsius!) is not completely evenly distributed; there are minute difference of 0.0001 Celsius. These differences are the seeds that made galaxies form, and stars, and planets, and life, and humans, and people you stutter! Without these tiny temperature fluctuations 13.7 billion years ago you wouldn't be stuttering! Isn't that amazing.


Anonymous said...

'm glad to see you relaxing occasionally by discussing an interesting topic other than stuttering. I'm sure you have interesting thoughts on lots of things.

But hasn't this 13.7 billion years theory been debunked? Bishop Ussher has famously proved that the date of Creation was October 23, 4004 BC.

格主 said...

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