Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Idiotic introduction to stuttering article

If you are ever looking for an idiotic introduction to an article about stuttering, how about the introduction to this otherwise good article Verbal Bottleneck in Scientific American Mind from October/November 2006:
Greg K. was only three when the problem began. During a family vacation he saw two crashed cars burning. Soon after that, his parents recall, the boy began stuttering. Even today, at the age of 40, Greg is more likely to order lasagna in a restaurant and forgo his favorite pizza, capricciosa, because he cannot manage words that begin with explosive sounds like the letter "k."
Again and again, stuttering is linked to an accident story. And again and again, I am saying that MILLIONS of kids had traumatic experiences like a accident and only 1% is stuttering today, the same percentage as the general population! And MILLIONS did not have traumatic experiences and still stutter!

To the author's defense, I vaguely remember her saying that the editors sexed up the story without telling her, and this migrated from the German version to the US version. This might include the accident part.


Anonymous said...

Tom - this might be the German version of the article:

(Spektrum und Wissenschaft is the German edition of Scientific American, and apparently Gehirn & Geist is a related publication, published by Spektrum der Wissenschaft Verlagsgesellschaft mbH.)

The article can be ordered online for only 1 euro... but I'm afraid to do that for fear the dollar will collapse before the payment settles and I'll end up paying $50!

Anonymous said...

Sorry - Spektrum der Wissenschaft, not Spektrum und Wissenschaft.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,

I am trying to contact you via e-mail but I cannot get your address. Your Yahoo IM link does not work, neither does your web link. Can you fix this?

Lloyd (NYC)

Anonymous said...

Lloyd - From main page of blog, click on View My Complete Profile. Address under About Me is current.

Tom Weidig said...

Thanks Lloyd! I am trying to fix it.