Saturday, March 10, 2007

Reply by August (Part I)

Someone called August and most likely associated to the websites ("august" is in their contact email has posted a reply to my posts and your comments. I will assume that the post is genuine, and therefore post the reply here. I want to give them the opportunity to defend themselves.

Since you have been leaving nasty comments here, we would have to respond.
You have not tried the program. You do not know how effective it is. Yet, you are passing judgments. Moreover, you had a nerve to ask people to report the website even though you had not tried the program yourself.
The programs have been created as a result of going to various alternative medicine practitioners for years and trying their stuff for both conditions- stuttering and compulsive behaviors.
The information that is used for anxiety disorders comes from the original programs. It only excludes the speech component and the compulsive component of conditions. There is a lot of detail about these alternative medicine therapies and what these programs include online.
Natural Therapy for Stuttering teaches one how to use homeopathic remedies, energy medicine techniques, hypnosis, flower essences and visualization techniques in combination for optimum results, and it is targeted towards stuttering. It consists of experimentation notes that have been modified subsequently.
The word "cure" stirs much debate here. The goal of all alternative medicine therapies is to cure a person. All natural remedies have curative powers. Particularly, the need for them diminishes with time.
We all do realize that the "cure" is not possible in every case. In Answers sections of websites, it is clearly stated that the responses to natural remedies will vary. Everybody should be able to see it. It is on the top. People are also free to ask questions.