Saturday, March 03, 2007

Anti-selection is selection

Just a little thought. People who stutter and therapists always ask what is the best therapy for him/her or for his/her patient. Why dont we turn the whole selection process upside down? We look at all therapy options that we can do; which might be very different for different people like unavailabity due to geography, unsuitability due to psychological troubles or age. And then we eliminate therapies one by one, always the least suitable one, and you are automatically left with one therapy at the end.

Questions to eliminate therapy options might be:
1) do you mind taking a medication? (if yes, drop medication option)
2) do you feel under constant stress and fear that you could not handle treatment that puts you out of your comfort zone? (if yes, drop intense courses option like McGuire)
3) are you a child? (if yes, drop all adult therapies)
5) have you tried everything and are desperate for help? (if yes, all non-medication options)

The idea is to come up with a list of questions that at the end would help to elimate until one therapy is left. A bit like a flow diagram / decision tree.

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