Friday, March 09, 2007

Mark Vladimir Clay (Part II)

In early 2003, he moved to Chicago, and lived at several addresses here. On April 8th 2003, he created the website Natural Therapy for Stuttering. He is named as official owner on the public Internet registry (though the information is not easily accessible), and the address matches the address he lived at at that time: 3048 West Cortland St Apt 1, Chicago, IL 60647. His email address is In September 2004, he created another website, possibly motivated by the success of the first one. And again the address in the Internet registry matches his address: 4521 N Malden St. Apt 206, Chicago, IL 60640. Then in September 2006, again a website with very similar content, and same layout and pictures, but a break in habits. The owner is Galina Tchekan (email:, however the address again matches perfectly the address he lived at at the that time: 4607 N Sheridan Rd Apt 210 Chicago, IL 60640 US. There is no such person with a public address in the US. Maybe invented or a real female family member without visa? Tchekan is close to Tchekanov. Moreover, Mark Clay is associated to another suspicious website that has been taken down but of which you can see the cached version via google.

I was unable to do an thorough online criminal background check (for 50 dollars) (no US credit card). If you are well-off and bored, buy the report for "Mark V Clay, Chicago" and send it to me!


Unknown said...

Cooley Law School? That's considered possibly the worst law school in the United States. How proud they must be!

Unknown said...

Here is some information about it:

You can see that it's slammed all the time in discussions at where I used to be a moderator in my first year of law school.

August said...

Since you have been leaving nasty comments here, we would have to respond.

You have not tried the program. You do not know how effective it is. Yet, you are passing judgments. Moreover, you had a nerve to ask people to report the website even though you had not tried the program yourself.

The programs have been created as a result of going to various alternative medicine practitioners for years and trying their stuff for both conditions- stuttering and compulsive behaviors.

The information that is used for anxiety disorders comes from the original programs. It only excludes the speech component and the compulsive component of conditions. There is a lot of detail about these alternative medicine therapies and what these programs include online.

Natural Therapy for Stuttering teaches one how to use homeopathic remedies, energy medicine techniques, hypnosis, flower essences and visualization techniques in combination for optimum results, and it is targeted towards stuttering. It consists of experimentation notes that have been modified subsequently.

The word "cure" stirs much debate here. The goal of all alternative medicine therapies is to cure a person. All natural remedies have curative powers. Particularly, the need for them diminishes with time.

We all do realize that the "cure" is not possible in every case. In Answers sections of websites, it is clearly stated that the responses to natural remedies will vary. Everybody should be able to see it. It is on the top. People are also free to ask questions.

However, there should always be a significant improvement in reduction of symptoms if one uses natural remedies in combination.

For instance, taking a homeopathic remedy called Sulphur in 1M or 10M potency will reduce not only symptoms of stuttering, but many anxiety symptoms as well in many people who have these problems. However, it is not clear how each person responds to the remedy. Therefore, it is best to combine using it with hypnosis, flower essences and energy medicine. The program explains in detail. What makes one an expert? Having lived through this does.

Lastly, a few comments have to be made about you wanting to become a lawyer. Since you have been insulting to us, we do have a right to be insulting to you.

To be a lawyer, you need to be able to think analytically. You simply do not have this ability. When you graduate from law school, you are probably going to be heavy in debt. You will not get hired anywhere as a lawyer unless you will be able to speak fluently. Even then, the competition among your fluent peers for any law job will be fierce!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried homeopathic remedies?

Skillet said...

I really doubt there is any shred of reasoning to think that this could be a scam.

I know Vladimir personally since childhood, and his mom. Although I never knew about his compulsive situation, I was well aware about his stuttering situation. He used to have to bring an expensive device with him to school. He also didn't have many friends. He went to Washington for awhile for some treatment, and changed his name to Mark. If there's anything I can say about this individual, it's that he had a really hard time in school because of his stuttering. So all assholes can say whatever they want about the school he went to. It's a really big achievement for him, and I'm personally extremely proud. And the idea of him ever scamming anybody is completely not Vlad.

What reason does anybody have think his website isn't completely legitimate?