Thursday, January 26, 2006

Someone is not happy

Oh oh... someone is not happy with Andrew Bell's claim for a cure: see here. I have the impression we have another candidate for the Crackpot Award, though I am not yet convinced that he doesnt know better or is just out to make money.


Unknown said...

Amazing how adamantly he tries to deny any "wrong doing" on his website...using ALL CAPS to drive his points home about how he's not a fraud. I wonder if any law suits are pending.

Einar said...

Yeah that page seems to have the same communication style as any typical spam email ("100 percent success guaranteed...") and very likely also the same seriosity and trustworthyness as spam, ie none... I already feel sorry for any potential clients who walk up in his trap, lured by false promises and who can only be duped and deceived... :-( Definitely a crackpot award candidate!