Saturday, January 07, 2006

Over time fluency

I am wondering whether some research has recorded the fluency over a long period of time on a daily basis: How much is the fluctuation? To which factors is it related? Are there people who fluctuate much more dramatically? (For example, I remember giving a talk in near complete fluency and many in severe stuttering) Why? Do men differ from women? For example menstrual cycle?

I did an interesting test. I took the data from all the patients of the Kassel Stuttering Therapy database, and plotted their fluency data with respect to the month they were recorded to see whether there is a seasonal difference. For example, may be we stutter more during the winter then the summer? But I did not find any strong signal, but this might due to methological problems. The data is not well normalised, i.e. some months might have more severe stutterers.

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