Saturday, January 07, 2006

New Year Resolutions

I forgot. I wish you all a Happy New Year.

Here are my New Year Resolutions:

1. Keep on writing posts at the same pace. Might be tough if I get more busy job-wise.

2. Try to get a few promiment researcher write a few posts.

3. Re-design the blog layout and functionality a bit. I might include a stuttering brain in the header. If you have any suggestions, feel free, especially if you are the creator the French website Paroles de bègues! :-) I am also thinking of generating a bit of money to cover my costs and time spent. I am not sure about a google AdSense button. But I might add a Donate button in case a millionaire wants to donate some money! :-)

4. I am also thinking about launching a website to include a discussion forum on research, archive, lists of researchers, and more. I have already a precise idea and a project plan. But just need the time and focus to do it. Maybe it would be good to get more people involved in such a project. But teams (and committees) are typically nightmares and compromises virtually always worse outcomes that either of the two competing proposals!

5. To be a bit more serious on reading the PDS literature.

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