Saturday, January 28, 2006

On cost-benefit & devils

In economic theory, you have the concept of benefit versus cost. Everyone wants to maximise this ratio, the most benefit at the lowest cost.

So let me ask the people with PDS the following question. Contrary to what I have been saying there is a cure (but just for this paragraph and then there is no cure. OK? :-)

The cure is quite simple: you need to do a daily exercise and then you are completely fluent for the rest of the day.

If the exercise takes 5 minutes, would you do it?
If the exercise takes 15 minutes, would you do it?
If the exercise takes 30 minutes, would you do it?
If the exercise takes 1 hour, would you do it?
If the exercise takes 2 hours, would you do it?

What is your tolerance? I think mine is at 30 minutes. And 1 hour if I can skip days and only use it if I really need it.

So now there is no cure. OK? But now I am the devil, but just for this paragraph, OK? :-)

So I am Devil Tom, and I have real superpowers. Do you want to make a deal with the devil?

Would you like to exchange your stuttering for your little finger? for a leg? for being blind on one eye? for being deaf? for being less intelligent (assuming you are intelligent)? for being ugly and oversized (assuming you are not)? for the house that you own? for your wife? (be honest with yourself! but dont tell her)

But unfortunately, I am not a devil.... at least not with superpowers. ;-)


Einar said...

Tough questions...
On the time spent practising, hmm can't really say as the time spent practising doesn't guarantee any proportional gain of fluency (at least in my case) My time spent on fluency isn't regular in general but more punctual and in depth then... (probably not the best approach though...)
Hm, what would I give to the devil in exchange for a "cure"? My soul of course, but so I would for being able to play guitar like Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix or BB King or to dance like Fred Astaire or be famous like Elvis Presley... So I'd rather sell my soul for rock & roll than for perfect speech ;-)

Anonymous said...

good post

Tom Weidig said...

But Einar this is a cure, remember? So after practising you really are fluent!!!

So many minutes??

Einar said...

Hm, still can't really say, as it would also depend on the exercise, wether it would be fun to do or annoying, if it had any additional benefits, like improving your overall health or mood, such as practising yoga... Lol, you won't be able to nail me to one definitive answer...
But your answer seems reasonnable ie 30 minutes or 1 hour if you can skip it occasionnally and only do it if you need it...
So now, what's the exercise? Bring up the cure, or do you wanna qualify for a crackpot award? ;-))

Unknown said...

I would likely do an exercise that takes up to an hour a day...I'd merely get up earlier...and that is ONLY if I was completely fluent the rest of the day.

I'd even spend thousands of dollars.

I've known a few people with missing fingers, so I *might* trade a finger. Not an entire arm or leg, though...not my sight or my hearing.

Great post to get us *thinking* about it.

Anonymous said...

i'd spent money, for sure. can i exchange a toe or something?

chirri00 said...

About 2 years, I believe I spent one between one hour aprox.

Now, I spend one hour each week. I feel boring doing exercise in my house. I feel the benefics of exercise in house have been lost.
I believe is like a handle of the char...if you want to go more have to ascend the handle to second handle..

¿Cost and beneficts? so much cost and less beneficts...the ratio is low...but I feel satisface with the beneficts..