Tuesday, January 31, 2006

1000+ visitors!!

OK. I admit that I am a bit of a Web counter junkie. I regularly check the hits and from where the people are. So I am happy to see that more than 1000 visitors read my blog in January, though these are not unique visitors. I have around 40 visitors per day with a mix of daily and weekly regulars and people stranded on my shores in cyberspace thinking what the hell is he talking about. I dont expect the number to go up much, as I am really catering for a minority of a minority, for the more research-oriented from the stuttering community. I guess I could get more reader with more emotional topics and more personal stories. But I am not too turned on with such matters!! I am a scientist at heart and obsessively curious at what is going on with people having PDS. But I try to make it sexy! ;-)


John MacIntyre said...

That's great! ... You deserve it Tom, it's a great blog and you're obviously passionate about the topic.

IMHO .. you've got the best stuttering blog out there.


Unknown said...

Good job, Tom. I visit at *least* once a day. :)

Anonymous said...


This blog is an informative resource and you have a good sense of humor to boot!

Much continued success!

Einar said...

One hint: Some nude pictures would increase the visits even more... ;-)
Nah, your site is good as it is!
Well done!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom.

Your numbers are a sign that something is changing in the stuttering community. Promising a cure in the web is not cool anymore, thestutteringbrain is cool.
Pablo. Spain.