Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Top 10 Outings

If you absolutely have to reveal your darkest secret, here are TheStutteringBrain's choices.

1) I am a stutterer. What do you do?
2) I stutter, but I am not the only one.
3) I live with a stutter but not with my parents anymore!
4) I st--- you know what I mean...
5) I am not quite as fluent as you, my dear.
6) You are so beautiful you make me stutter.
7) I was part of the Monster study.
8) I was a method actor for a Hollywood movie on stuttering but they took Tom and I kept stuttering.
9) My mother gave me gene Xi-362 - bitch.
10) I am the re-incarnation of a recovering stutterer's soul from the psychodelic 60s when he still stuttered!

Let me know if you have more.

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MarvThroneberryII said...

Others(some I have used)

1. I talked too much in previous incarnation and my mouth caused harm to others. So I do penance in this life-time by stuttering

2. Stuttering is a revolt against the conformist capitalist bourgeoise clear speakers.Capitalistic verbal fluency causes the alienation and produces stuttering. Stutterers are the lumpenproletarian for social and linguistic transformation of society ( this may be good if chatting up a CommieChick).

3. Stuttering blocks are useful to prevent saying the 'wrong thing' too quickly.

4. It obviously has your attention doesn't it? You will remember what I have said more clearly because it is conveyed in dyfluency. If I said it fluent, it would go in your ear out the other.

5.(to religious chicks) Moses was said to stutter and he was the chosen patriarch of the Almighty. I'm in tune with this Tradition...

6.Yup, I stutter vocally. Can also stutter with two fists, wanna 'hear' them too? ( not to be said to a Golden Gloves Boxer, I found out the hard way)