Monday, August 20, 2012

Web-based Cognitive-Behavioural Treatment: an innovative approach

I am not any more on the mailing list of that gold-standard Australia stuttering group except for threatening letters from lawyers. But I have my agents everywhere. So thank you, Agent I!

Here is an initiative that is probably reasonable: a web-based Cognitive-Behavioural Treatment. The idea is that a lot of the suffering and handicap comes not from stuttering but from our psychosocial adaptation to stuttering. CBT is a well-known psychotherapy approach that helps patients to achieve a better psychosocial adaptation by changing unhelpful thoughts or reducing conditioned fears, for example.

You can register from anywhere in the world. So might be an interesting experience with little downside and probably little relapse.

Reading about how they analyse their outcome and then sell it is probably not, but that is my problem not yours! ;-)

Here is their invitation.


Anonymous said...

YES! Australians leading the way in treatments of fluency and CBT! Go Oz!

cognitive skills approach said...

This technique on the web can change the theories of millions of people and hence people can learn a lot.

Woody said...

Is any such service available?