Monday, September 03, 2012

In Berlin

I will be in Berlin from Wednesday to Saturday with Jelena, and have to attend a business meeting, too. So if someone is from Berlin, let me know and you can join us for drinks or dinner! I am already in contact with Blanka, who had the first (and only) German-speaking blog on stuttering: Stottern usw. I am actually very much surprised that no-one else has a German-speaking blog...


Anonymous said...

Hi, I know it's off topic but I just read an interesting article which may lead, in the far future, to an unexpected solution:

Torsten Hesse said...

The empirical evidence for concept cells is an important novelty and supports the linguistic theory of Günter Kochendörfer ( – unfortunately only in German). It is, in my view, the best linguistic theory we have, and a good basis for an explanation of stuttering.

You look for German-speaking blogs about stuttering? I don't write a blog but I wrote some long threads in the BVSS forum, regarding the role of auditory feedback in normal speech and in stuttering. And I think, I will resume them. The threads are:
“Stottern und auditorisches Feedback” –

“Right shift und weiße Fasern” –

The threads reflect the development of my theory about the causation of stuttering. My propositions may appear daring, and now, I would formulate some of them more cautiously. My starting point was a philosophical (or linguistic) idea. But the longer I have studied the empirical literature, the more I find my assumptions to be confirmed, and the more pieces of the puzzle fit together.

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redouane said...

damn ! I stumbled on your blog a bit too late (awesome blog by the way) .... maybe next time you visit Berlin

Tom Weidig said...

my email is if you want to contact me.