Saturday, March 10, 2012

Emergent topics, Emotional reactivity & regulation: Ntourour finds difference

Katerina Ntourou talks about a similar topic than Haley. She wants to study emotional reactivity and regulation.

She tortured kids for science. She showed them toys, asked for the favourite one, and locked it away in a box! And she then gave them 10 keys to open the box, and they ALL didn't work!!! How did she pass through the ethics committee? :-)

Anyway, she then studied differences between fluent and non-fluent group. She found differences, but she went too fast at the end. I was a bit surprised that she said she found differences between the two groups look similar. I couldn't fully absorb it because it was all too fast..... :-(

I am somewhat concerned about the experimental set-up to measure emotional reactivity and regulation. It does not seem to be a very well controlled variable nor is the environment. As a past child who stuttered, I most likely suffered from social anxiety, and hated having to communicate with new people. Had I been tested in such a situation, the social anxiety would have made me more aroused quickly.So I am not sure about what exactly is measured. But as I said, it went too quickly, I would need to see it in detail.

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