Friday, March 02, 2012

Battle of conferences?

Check out this new conference in Rome: website. I am not very impressed by the scientific committee and some of the key speakers. Looks like the Italian have gotten some funding and choose to invite the wrong people! ;-) We now have four conferences in the next four months. WOW. That never happened before. The one in Antwerp (I am attending), in Rome, in France, and in the US. I heard that this new conference is attracting some speakers that have cancelled for the other conferences. Are we starting to see a battle of the conferences? Might be a good thing..


Satyendra said...

Might be a good thing, if it reaches out four times more audience. Hope the discussions and findings are in a language and format, friendly to end user..the lay person.
Best wishes to organizers and participants.

lolocopter1231 said...

Hi tom, its will, if you would like me to attend a conference for some intel gathering let me know!