Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Prestigious clinical meeting in May

TheStutteringBrain keeps you up-to-date. A few readers made me aware of a symposium happening on May 22-24th in Crotia. According to the author of the email announcing the meeting: we are shaping up to have the most productive and prestigious clinical meeting in the field for some time Anyone wanne guess whose style of writing that is? ;-)

If you are a clinician and not invited, here is the list of connected clinicians and non-clinicians important enough to count as clinicians that were invited:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Cook, Frances; Norbert Lieckfeldt;; Ross Menzies; Sue Obrian; Millard, Sharon; Nicholas, Alison Cc: Jasmine Katakos; Suzana Jelčić Jaksic


Dave Rowley said...

Let's play 20 questions! Is it someone you've annoyed or not? If the latter, it's a smal field! Just joking, Tom!

Anonymous said...

What about Ed Conture?

Anonymous said...
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