Friday, December 11, 2009

Looming Deadlines Antwerp and ECSF

I have submitted a seminar proposal for the EU SYMPOSIUM FLUENCY DISORDERS 2010 at Lessius College Antwerp on April 23rd and 24th. More information here. The conference has a decent level and mixing science with clinical stuff. The key speakers reflect this good mix. I like to hear what Dennis Drayna has to say. He has been saying the same things for years now. I hope to hear some new stuff. What genes? And what are those genes doing? Come on: society pays you a lot of money! Inviting one of the key speakers was definitely a bad move; presentation-wise (very boring) and politically unwise (disliked or feared by many, he seems to quarrel with everyone).

If you are from overseas, consider Luxembourg on your road trip. Not too far by car!

I want to talk about a framework NDC2 I have been developing to incorporate the multi-causal and multi-dimensional nature of stuttering. I am applying NDC2 to give a possible explanation for natural recovery in child.

If you are interested in a specialization course on fluency disorders. Here are more details. Again Kurt Eggers is coordinating.
Call for application ECSF-specialization course 2010-2011:
Registration for the 2010-2011 course is open and applications are taken chronologically.
More information here.

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